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posted 5 Mar 2011, 07:19 by Squash Club - Saints Sport
This year club's AGM will be held on March 18th, so less than 2 weeks away at this point!
Here is a list of postitions withint the club, if you are interested in running for a position please send an email to us (, just saying what you're interested in. Time and location will be posted in the near future.

• Club Captain/President - the role is demanding and can be sometimes, time consuming, especially as things do crop up at short or no notice and have to be organised and sorted out. You will be overseeing the running of the club, as well as coordinating with other clubs and the sport centre/AU, attending captain' meetings, and presiding over committee meetings. Experience on committees and a good knowledge of the AU/sport centre set up is required. Coordinating and directing the rest of the committee and giving overall direction of the club; coordinating the Charity Tournament, including finding sponsors etc. On top of all this you have to liaise closely with the rest of the committee and run at least one session a week.

• 1st Team Men’s Captain - oversees and captains the men's squad, from their training sessions to organising the players and coordinating with other teams as regards to matches. You will need to enter the team into the dundee and district league, making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time and organize transport to matches. Contact the league organisers and submit results and contact other teams on match details etc, also book post match food/drinks. Also put our teams into busa and/or susa. Attempt to set up some friendlies with local unis and clubs when and if possible. Run the Friday Squad session.

• 2nd Team Men’s Captain - same as 1st Team Captain's Job but just for the seconds.

• Women's Captain - same as men's capt but for the women's team.

• Treasurer - the money person. Responsible for the bank account and taking in money from members at such things like the sports fair, ordering clothing, as well as paying out any money. Fairly big responsibility but something that anyone can do easily once they've been shown the ropes. Other responsibilities are petty cash and giving cheques to those who drive and staying on top of that.

• Secretary - another important position, quite a big responsibility and needs someone who is committed to the club, but its easy once you know how. In charge of sending out emails to the club and writing any correspondence with other associations such as the Sports Centre and AU.

• Social Rep- now this is a great position to have as you are in charge of organising the social side of the club something which next year is going to be pushed further, with hope of doing more social events, so if you like organizing parties/drunken evenings in the pub this could be right up your alley.

• Safety Officer- this can be a combined role or a separate position… The ancient role of safety officer "salus legatus" was created following safety concerns which arose during the martyrdom of Patrick Hamilton outside St Salvator's Chapel in 1528, chiefly the flight of burning embers into the watching crowd. Slightly refined since its first incarnation, (officers are no longer selected principally from the nobility) the role is nevertheless key to the smooth running of any successful sports club. First and foremost responsible for the drawing up of the club's safety policy the safety officer also sits on the club committee, a key role representing a voice of reason in a sea of mistrust, political intrigue and underhand scheming. Responsible for the safe running of all the club’s activities the role of safety officer, although limited in official duties and responsibilities, cannot be overlooked as a key part of the club’s committee.

• Ordinary Member - this position has limited offical responsibilities. None the less, you still have input to the running and decision making of the club.

- We also have 1st year representative, but this position is elected next year.