We currently have a variety of sessions per week being played at East Sands Leisure centre. Below is a Google map link with detailed instructions beneath. 

Give it a go session 2015 - Wednesday 9th September at St Leonards from 14:00 - 16:00. If you don't know how to get there we will have someone at the Criterion Pub on South Street between ~13:30 to ~15:00 to ferry people down to the courts!  

East Sands Leisure Centre

East Sands -
From South Street, take the turn onto Abbey Walk which is the road coming off South Street opposite Jannettas. Follow Abbey Street (later becomes Abbey Walk and St.Mary Street) around the stone wall (Belonging to St Leonards College) keeping to the left hand side of the road, the road will cross over the Kinnes Burn river and past the New Inn pub, just before you hit the double mini roundabouts there will be a turning on your left called Albany Park which is situated alongside the Albany Park Halls of Residence, follow this along the housing estate until it curves round leading you to East Sands Leisure complex which has a corrugated green roof. The squash courts are located through the main entrance behind the set of stairs in the foyer.
Alternatively, if you know the Pier, East Sands is located at the opposite end of East Sands beach and is identifiable by its corrugated green roof.